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Exciting times ahead. What will become of the mighty STARDOG?? Stay tuned, babies, and find out with us. Now, go hug yer momma and tell her you love her! She’ll appreciate that! 

“Beyond the technically accurate but nuance-averse descriptor “hard rock,” Stardog’s musical MO is unique for Columbia in the modern era. But it likely wouldn’t have set the band apart much in, say, late-`80s Los Angeles, where riff-obsessed rock bands with howling frontmen roamed the Sunset Strip like packs of unkempt dingoes. But while the group certainly owes a debt to that era’s sleaze-glam sonic aesthetic, there’s just as much influence to be felt from certain `90s titans, particularly early Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. It’s not really as odd a space to occupy as it might seem, but even if it is, Stardog has eased right in with seemingly no trouble.” Michael Spawn- Free Times Magazine, May 2017


“STARDOG may be heard on internet radio stations around the world, with a powerful blend of Rock and Blues that have catapulted them to new heights globally. They have developed a huge following overseas–including, Israel and Germany–and all across the UK where music lovers are craving new beats from American Rock Bands.”

“UNLEASHED” Yvonne Day- ION Indie Magazine, Dec 2014.


“The band sounds great and the tunes are tightly performed and arranged. I love the bass intro tone on Suicide Slide. Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta.” – Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Queensryche)


“Stardog’s ‘Black Mountain Rain’ combines the power, grandiosity and shredding of classic ’80s metal with modern musical sensibilities.” Katherine Turman, co-author of Louder Than Hell and producer of Alice Cooper’s “Nights with Alice Cooper” radio show.


“Stardog is made up of seasoned rock veterans and it showed in their comfort on stage as well as their technical aptitude. If you were to trade the lead singer’s red skinny jeans with some black leather and his wool scarf for a silk one, I would have thought that the space time continuum had shifted and I was somehow in an alternate universe where Hair Metal still dominated the local AM radio. I legitimately enjoyed most of their songs despite not usually being a fan of “arena rock”. I thought “Black Mountain Rain” was particularly good, and a great example of how this older style of music could still be relevant.” – Mustard Based Music review of 1/31 show at the Art Bar.


“An Evening With Stardog” Wil Clement-, July 2014.


“Star Dog Rules This is some SIRIUS Rock n Roll. Their single Black Mountain Rain shows the Apparent Musical Magnitude of this Alpha Canis Majoris or #1 Great Dog. I expect each new song will be like a Rock n Roll Solstice, Burning with the Intensity of a Massive Solar Flare, only to hopefully culminate into an album that will go Supernova & Rip a Wormhole in the Space & Time Fabric of the Universe, Absorbing any Soul that has an ear for Rock n Roll. Star Dog has Marked it’s Territory. So give that Dog A Bone.” Mark Kiger


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